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  • Avoiding depression while working remotely

    One of the biggest complaints of first-time remote workers is the lack of delineation between work time and personal time. The feeling of being on a hamster wheel. There could be multiple causes for it. Underlying mental health conditions, or the person is an extrovert and now they have to cope with working from their home with little to no contact with the outside world β€” this can be tormenting for extroverts like myself. But most of the times, the hamster-wheel feeling is caused by something way less important or impactful, that can be dealt with if you have a bit of discipline.
  • CoronaDiary #4

    A late fourth issue, but still coming out when it's supposed to go out β€” Friday. Looks like morale tends to go down towards the end of the week β€” could it be because there's no weekend to look up to? Or the fact that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is rising in Romania?
  • CoronaDiary #3

    Third CoronaDiary issue, morale is good, and we have some new faces writing over here β€” actually names, since there are no photos. Looks like morale is good, except for a person whose whole attitude almost always "meh-with-a-hefty-dose-of-skepticism" β€” but we think that's what makes her so special 🐈😸. On to the status updates, and do read on until the end, as I have a couple o very special recommendations to share with you.
  • CoronaDiary #2

    Second day of the covid-19 induced social isolation and the second #CoronaDiary day. People's morale seems to be good, and most of us are firing on all cylinders! Hopefully, we'll keep this state of mind until the end of this period and afterwards, when we'll all work remotely because everyone realized we can do so even in the toughest of industries.
  • CoronaDiary #1 β€” March 16, 2020

    First day of remote working for a host of people who've either dreamed of working remotely, or were planning to ask their bosses for this type of work. Looks like nature got ahead of us and decided to ask our governments, directly, for remote work. This article contains the submissions for Day 1 of the CoronaDiary initiative, and at the end of the article, I placed a couple of useful tips and techniques.
  • Starting the #CoronaDiary movement

    This is the starting post for the #CoronaDiary movement, which is something we at WeRemote.EU are trying to push forward, to help all the people who have recently been thrown into the remote work world navigate social isolation and other problems they might face. We are highly committed to helping both people as well as organizations deal with mental health, from the perspective of people who are on the front lines, living through difficult situations, being remote workers ourselves. What we ultimately want to achieve with this movement is to foster an environment where people feel safe to share their experiences and their shortcomings regarding working remotely, and where they can also receive help form others who have walked the same path before them. And we want to keep people sane so they can push through this period of self-isolation, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

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