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We are currently looking for a DevOps Engineer for the further development of our cloud platform and  environment management software .

They help us to open-source our cloud platform and go-based CLI and to develop them openly, together with international teams.

About us

Peter.SAARLAND is an agile consulting agency in the field of DevOps , Infrastructure as Code and Release Management . We support our advisory services through our Academy and a cloud platform with  CLI.

About the job

Your task will be to significantly design the platform and CLI and to further develop it in cooperation with our customers.

The main tools in your arsenal are AnsibleDockerGo, and a willingness to learn other new and exciting techonlogies.

Our software development process is based on modern standards like GitSemVerCI/CDConventional Commits , 12-Factor app principles and Cloud-Native concepts.

Our customers are  early-stage startups and international corporations and our aim is to package the basic requirements for IT infrastructure using  Infrastructure as Code as a platform and to offer our customers a tool that enables them to get started with DevOps regardless of any given technical infrastructure and training.


The budget listed on the site is a ballpark. The actual budget will be discussed further, based on your expertise and the results of our interview process.

About you

  • You are experienced in DevOps / SysOps / Software Development
  • You are skilled with Docker (Docker Swarm, Docker Compose)
  • You know your way around Ansible
  • You can code in Go
  • You are entrepreneurial in your thinking and your actions
  • You are able to work independently
  • You have excellent English speaking and writing skills
  • You have a reliable Internet connection

You will be working remotely within an interdisciplinary, agile team, with some of the latest technologies and flexing your mental muscles on some very complex and interesting systems.

As an added benefit, you will get extensive training and onboarding in DevOpsInfrastructure as Code and Release Management.

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Peter.SAARLAND DevOps Consultants

Saarland, Germany

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