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Expired Software Developer

Posted on Nov 1 • Full Time • 5000-6500 EUR


Company HQ: London

Department: Development

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Careerfy is looking for an outstanding Software Developer to join our artificial intelligence R&D teams. You will become a member of a small, highly skilled team that sets the direction and standards for the Careerfy products. You provide architecture and technology leadership as well as mentoring and you take a leading role in technical discussions with our teams and stakeholders. Visit our official website https://careerfy.eu.  


  • Development of innovative Java server- and client-applications;
  • Participation in the entire development process (analysis, design, implementation, documentation);
  • Ensuring Software quality (security, performance, availability, scalability, etc.);
  • Ensuring the sustainability and maintainability of the whole system architecture;
  • Analysis and evaluation of frameworks, libraries and concepts;
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and weaknesses of existing components and implementations;
  • Improvement and redesign of identified problems;
  • Supporting and coaching of less experienced team members (share knowledge and train team members);
  • Participation in code review processes;
  • Introduction and extension of test automation;
  • Ensuring the efficiency of continuous builds, continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.


  • Bachelors degree/Completed technical education in the field of computer science/software development or equivalent experience in related area;
  • 4-6 years professional experience;
  • Experience in the practical application of agile software development processes (required);
  • Experience in the field of data modelling and data persistency (databases, ORM, …) (required);
  • Professional experience in OSGi-based application development (highly preferred);
  • Experience with Swing, Android, Vaadin, Hibernate, Gradle, Git (preferred);
  • UI & UX Design experience (preferred);
  • Practical experience in the development of native desktop, web and mobile applications (preferred);
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English;
  • Deep knowledge about the whole Java ecosystem, excellent Java programming skills (required);
  • Structured operation, analytical/logical thinking and accuracy required;
  • Focus on performance, scalability, sustainability and flexibility;
  • Team oriented, willingness to learn, conscientious work style;
  • Knowledge about application lifecycle management preferred;
  • Knowledge about software architectures;
  • Knowledge about API design and maintenance;
  • Practical usage of Software Design Patterns;
  • Knowledge about operating systems;
  • Network & communication protocols.

Career & Personal Growth Fair!
30th of May, 2020, Radisson Blu Hotel, Vilnius, Lithuania
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