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CoronaDiary #4

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A late fourth issue, but still coming out when it's supposed to go out — Friday.

Looks like morale tends to go down towards the end of the week — could it be because there's no weekend to look up to? Or the fact that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is rising in Romania?

Anonymous Remoter

Morale: 🙆‍♂️🥳Firing on all cylinders!!!

I do actually enjoy WFH.

The problem is my colleagues aren't used to it, and some of them have serious trouble adapting, which impacts the whole team's performance during the day.

I'm afraid that once the crisis is over, they will say that WFH is no good, blah blah...

I should also say that I'm very optimistic.

This won't last forever, but the good lessons we'll learn from it will hopefully remain in our minds for the next decades to come!

Stay safe 😘!

Razvan Goldstein

Morale: 🙆‍♂️🥳Firing on all cylinders!!!

Today I managed to finish the first part of a task I have been working on all week.

Still though, there are minor distractions that appear throughout the day, but I think I am learning to manage them better; I try to keep a positive attitude when they happen and get over them quickly.

I have found that doing this makes it easier to get back and concentrate on the task I am working on.

Cristi Pirvulescu

Morale: 🤷‍♂️🥱Meh...

Not a good week for science! Been stuck with all these weird bugs which take a lot of time to investigate and search for and test and which lead to a one-line-of-code fix.

But the WFH thing helps with this, as there aren't many interruptions at home so I can at least be focused on what I'm doing.

I should also stop being a couch potato and should start doing some exercises before I become one with the couch.

Sandra Stoicescu

Morale: 🤷‍♂️🥱Meh...

Client was undecided.

Also inflexible.

I got to put in a good 10 hrs of attention to the project, as well as skip lunch. Probably have about 30 minutes of coding to show for it. Managed to deploy everything to production 2 hours after 'closing time', minimal testing.

Got a couple of thanks messages. Yay!

Workout got pushed back and was 80% push-ups. My upper body strength is insufficient to make this amusing.

Found writer-cat chewing a packet of cat probiotics.

Smile, tomorrow will be worse!

Dorin Bratosin

Morale: 🙆‍♂️🥳Firing on all cylinders!!!

What's awesome about working remote? More time for yourself.

I did the math and I saved everyday around 2 hours of my time just because I didn't had to commute and prepare for work.

And the best part? When your day is off, you don't have to get back home… you are already there.

Adrian Oprea

Morale: 🙆‍♂️🥳Firing on all cylinders!!!

Been trying to grasp the complexity of what lies ahead. I'm trying to envision the crisis, which type of crisis would it be, and how vulnerable I am to it.

I bought a desk and a chair I can work from, and moved out of the kitchen.

A small price to pay, to get rid of back pain and remove myself from the proximity of the fridge.

I'm behind on some things, and I'll use any spare time I get the following days — mainly the weekend — to get back on top of my game.

**My new, cheap, 60EUR, office setup — the chair, the desk **

Bought the cheapest furniture I could find, to move out of the kitchen — this is around 60EUR and the desk is also foldable which makes it great if you want to save space. You have to admit some people probably spent that much on toilet paper, in the past weeks.

Worth reading — The 5AM Club, Robin Sharma

Picked this up because I have only one book with me besides this one. Still have my iPad though, and I have my Kindle app installed. We'll see what I read further, but this book has been recommended to me countless times. I'm going to use this pandemic as a pretext to read it.

Worth buying

I have this great fountain pen from Lamy, the Lamy Al-Star Black and I forgot to bring ink with me, so I bought some refills, and while I was at it, I realized I only have about 30-some pages in my Moleskine Classic Expanded Notebook — panic!!

So I went on and bought me a pack of three Moleskine Dotted Journals — yes those ones are plain. And there's also something wrong with their stocks 😅.

Why am I saying these are worth buying? Because I believe you need tools that make you want to pick them up. Yes, in times of crisis, nice tools are among the last things someone would want.

But flip it on its head and think about it this way: while some will be depressed, and going to work only to put food on the table, you'll be excited to pick them up during or after work and do something creatively that might push you ahead of the pack.

It's always a matter of optics.

None of the links are affiliate links — I'm just placing that extra query param so they know where traffic is coming from and for what reason. And who knows, maybe someone decides it's worth doing a giveaway 😅🙏

P.S. I just realized I love the Lamy Website. And Futura — the font they use on the site.


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